liquidx (ayanami02) wrote,

i'm back from san francisco!

I have pics up at myspace, and I'm too lazy to update here so just go over there and check. I have more photos to post too, but not enough room so I'm gonna take the ones over there down soon and put up more. by the way does anyone know of a good place to host a lot of photos? Because that would REALLY help.

OH yeah! So I applied to SFSU for next fall and am probably going to move by august. Still unsure of where I am going to live, but I have a couple places up my sleeve. Moving over there with Jimmy if all things work out. Really love the city, well read it at myspace.

went to roswell, tahoe,san francisco, and carlsbad New Mexico, going to Vegas this weekend, and maybe New York on spring break.

thats all i care to update for now-Mary
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